Friday, March 19, 2010

The Imperial Palace

Ive had such a busy week, it was my 21st and I went to Milan with my parents and boyfriend and then with a huge deadline on tuesday i've been trying to concentrate on my work! Still with Tokyo pictures to show, The Imperial Palace is next on the list. Suggested to us to not go there if it was not summer, we still decided to go. The trees were so perfect they look fake and the water looking like a lagoon with a turquoise colour. You could tell a princess could live somewhere like this, I felt like i had stepped into a magical land! To be honest the pictures do all the talking for this part of Japan!

I found this advertisement on the way to The Imperial Palace, I just thought it was so intricate and detailed for just a cold bottled drink! I wanted to be in the ad, a mini doll in a baby blue and white dolls house!

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