Wednesday, March 10, 2010


We were shown an amazing Flea market filled we antiques, clothing, jewelry, china and just amazing jumble. Every single store was filled with interesting and inspiring finds. Beautiful hand drawn japanese patterns covered an antique book. The blues of the china were shining in the sun and the china tea cups just made me want a cup of tea! I bought a tea pot for my mum at home but then smashed it about 20 minutes later, keeping its remains as it was so beautiful! Each stall was layed out like a mood board. Im not sure you could ever find anything this amazing in the UK? We then ventured into the town, where we found the Abercrombie store, not really wanting to purchase anything we wanted to see how crazy this store compares to the one in America. It has to be the most ridiculous shop I have ever been in, there are about 9 or something floors with double steep stairs (NO LIFT) can definitely say I will never be going back in there! Ginza is the home to Itoya - a huge stationary shop and The Imperial Palace so worth while a visit if you get to go!

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