Monday, March 8, 2010

The Sweet and Innocent

To me, 'The sweet and innocent' are like little dolls, again with immaculate hair, over sized nails and a perfectly rounded and made up face. Brimming with smiles, they are happy to talk and have pictures. Most positioning themselves into a pose when the camera comes out, to me proves they are very aware in terms of modeling, fashion and magazines. The main feel for them is American prairie girl meets Tokyo harajuku doll. Bows and florals were a must. Fringed boots, stockings, teddy bears, gold detailing and leather jackets were all key items. The colour palette was full of creams, beiges, nudes and pinks. Mostly found in areas like; Roponggi, Harajuku and Omotosando, these little dollies are placed everywhere. Although being known for being particularly tiny, you can see, I'm still about 2 inches under.....!!

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