Monday, January 18, 2010

There is nobody fresher than Masion Martin Margiela

Currently being completely absorbed by the male cosmetic market, working on a presentation for Diesel and L'Oreal for the International brandstorm 2010 competition, I have been loving Masion Martin Margiela, owned by Diesel they have developed a perfume, called Untitled. This is an extremely well thought of and clever name as they have not really targeted themselves to consumers types, unlike Diesel. Untitled is a unisex product that has en-captured floral and woody scents. NEW year = NEW perfume :) :) I find the packaging and font extremely interesting as, just sending our presentation off this morning, we have used the same font - courier new as Maison. Do we have similar messages? clean, simple and a touch of fun. It reminds me of C.B I hate perfume in a way, with similar materials, C.B are a brooklyn, NY based perfumery with amazing stories behind their scents.

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