Monday, January 18, 2010

Chantal Thomass ♥♥

After studying Lingerie for almost 3 months now, Chantal Thomass is by far one of my favourite French Lingerie designers... Everything from her visual merchandising, products, photoshoots and website are just fresh, sexy and cute. Taking inspiration from previous eras her Spring Summer collection is just toooo much fun... with an impressive touch of lady gaga. I am very much in love with her shop window looking like a dolls house, makes me want to book a holiday to Paris !

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  1. hey girl thanks for your e-mail!
    i just added you to my blog list!

    and just a side note.. don't be offended you can change it in like two seconds: it's suppose to be "You're" not "Your"

    I really like the photos for this post! So lovely!


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