Thursday, October 29, 2009

the reading list....

This is a brand I have always dreamed over. Their romantic yet in trend and
edgy clothes always offer me a look that is styled to perfection. Their colour palette this season is to die for with royal yet muted purples contrasted with the deep teal is delicious! Literature is the obvious theme and I am a huge fan of rea
ding - when I get the time to!! So I have suggested my top 3 books :) get reading!!

Emily Barr - Cuban Heel
This book offers adventure, suspense, humour wit and the cutest love story ever!

I Capture the Castle
By Dodie Smith
This book is a vintage classic, dreamy, funny, timeless, ironic with imaginative structure and characters.

Something Borrowed
By Emily Griffin
I was apprehensive of this book as it is seen as a typical chic flick type book but was unable to put it down, the character is one you just love and there is a real sense of emotion throughout - guaranteed to send shivers down your spine!

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