Saturday, May 8, 2010

I love you until infinity and beyond

 It seems that the galactic trend is all over the blogsphere at the moment! The dreamworld has entered a futuristic landscape where beauty sparkles and fantasy comes alive. Here are two moodboards I have made showing the different trends with the world of the galactic!

Vintage Sparkle 
A champagne nostalgia sees glitz and spilt glitter with a muted colour pallet the nudes and pastels receive a reinvention. Floating in the atmosphere are muted purples, broken beige, tinted turquoise and powdered pinks.  The key items are a sequin sparkly jacket, short shorts and an out of this world structured dress.  

Futuristic fantasy 
A bold and earth changing statement with triangles leading the way for a shooting star in the dark and mystical sky. Lost in the nights sky you will catch a glimpse of a deep and earthly purple, sky opening blues, earth greens and misty browns. Key items are ballerina lace, black evening sparkles and striking lighting inspired prints.     
These images used to make these boards were found on various blogs, especially;


  1. so pretty, i love the nude palette

  2. ah so stunning! i'll never get over th galatic trend, and sparkles = love!

  3. i am actually so obsessed with these! glitter is my love:) so gorgeousdearie

  4. Fabulous photographs:)
    follow me if you like my blog!

  5. I love all the sparkles and stars, my favorite shot is where she's siting in the clouds, wouldn't that be fantastic?

    Thankyou for fallowing!


    Rachel Lynne

  6. Sparkles rocks this season! I adore the pastel palette and I am a huge fan of a well cut jacket with cute little shorts!
    Great photos :)
    I love reading your posts :)
    Kisses my dear!

  7. very beautiful pics !!!! love them !

  8. stunning!

  9. mmm these pictures are so dreamy! I love the one in the top corner with the girl and teddy bear.

  10. The collages just took my breath away, I love these so much! I want to escape into either of the two worlds.

  11. ohh these pics are so sweet and pretty!! really beautifull, and you were so right, NYC is without a doubt the best city I've ever visited :)

  12. Aww, lovely to see my image in there! xx

  13. those pics are great
    I really like the first collage
    hope you've had a nice weekend

    marley mumbles

  14. Hi,

    Cute blog!

    I have a new fashion blog! I would love you to have a look and be a new follower.

    Hope to see you soon.

  15. Great post. I would love a champagne coloured sequin jacket. Searching for the right one. xx

  16. Beautifully edited images :)

  17. i'm loving the vintage sparkles as well! wish I knew how to make my photographs turn out that way :)

  18. Oh i want a top that embodies futuristic fantasy!

  19. cool post x


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