Monday, April 26, 2010

We are smiling

My all time favourite photographer would have to be Tim Walker but I recently found Amanda Pratt represented by Kate Ryan Inc. She is inspired by her love for art, grew up in Brazil and Vancouver and is takes the most wonderful and beautiful images you can imagine. I've picked a selection of my favourite, girly and beautifully styled images but really do check her portfolio out, she has such a wide range of imagery.


  1. all those photos are so nice
    love the 2, 3 and 4th
    hope you're having a nice week

    marley mumbles

  2. i love the black heart balloon & the photo with the giraffe! gorgeous :) have a lovely week ♥

  3. love the giraffe kiss one.
    in love with him or something? haha :D

    great blog. thanks for visiting mine :)

  4. about the P.s :
    thanks :)
    i'll post some as soon as i'mn in.
    the next collection is about tights. and glamz.
    using more glamour colors and tights !! :D
    thanks for the compliment.
    you're the boss!

  5. love these pics - its how i imagine life would be! lol xooox

  6. so cute
    utterly adorable, cant wipe the smile off my face

  7. i can see why hes your favorite photographer! love his work! cute blog

    Anna Katrina

  8. Beautiful post and great images! I am your latest follower!!!!
    I hope you will have a chance to check my blog out!
    Greetings and have a lovely day!

  9. you can feature my images anytime! all that matters to me is if they are cited with a link to me :-D thanks for your comment and I just love love love these amanda pratt pics! I saved them to my desktop...

  10. Great great pics!!! I love the heart thights the girl who kiss the big giraf so cute<3


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