Friday, April 30, 2010

Rain Rain go away!

Today has been filled with rain and glooooomy weather. Looking at BBC weather gave me no hope for the photoshoot this weekend which is very annoying! Just when you thought summer was nearly here! But im over it and it got me thinking of how pretty rain can actually be and now I really want to go out and try some ideas! Happy Friday everyone!! 


  1. Great pics in paris it's raining too :-( But i hop the sun will shinning tomorrow ;-)

  2. rain rain go away for sure!!!! it finally stopped raining here!! FINALLY!! {although, these images are really pretty!!}

    Happy Friday! Have a great weekend! :)

  3. Rain can be so inspirational.. and it can also be very blah. I hope you get some nice weather sometime soon!

  4. Loooove these images, they're so beautiful.

    tweet tweet tweet


  5. you chose some lovely images. i love the teacups and the eiffel tower. there's something so lovely & cosy about rain when inside.


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