Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Jewelry Box

As promised a while ago, here are the final images from my friend Bea's photoshoot featuring myself, Rhi, Lisa and Bianca with Giulia as the model. The images came out amazingly, really pretty and interesting showing how each person accessorizes an outfit differently. I chose two bows in the hair (a must for me) and a really pretty cream and gold shell bag from primark! These were mixed with a range of gold and black necklaces and a colourful vintage bracelet I picked up in the WilliamsburgArtist and Flea Market over the summer. The whole point of the shoot was to show individual approaches to accessory styling along with the meanings behind jewelry.

Stylist - Beatrice Sinibaldi
Model - Giulia Sinibaldi


  1. wooo
    i love this shoot, the pic are gorgeous !
    i whish i could be a model for one day ...!

    the accesorizes are very original, i love all of them! congratulations :)

  2. Wow, these look amazing.
    Really professional.
    Cute blog x

  3. lovely post!!!!!!!!

    stylish blog!

    thanks for comment!!!!!!!come follow if u fancy:))

    ill do too!!!!!!

  4. those are such beautiful photos! : ) love it!

  5. Pretty pics, love the bows!


  6. I loved how you all accessorized! The shoot came out splendidly!



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