Sunday, February 28, 2010

Omotosando and Aoyama

Here are some of my favourite pictures from the area of Aoyama.

The Prada store was unbelievable, so architectural, even the underground passage to the mens store was covered in moss and rigid. Their accessories were unimaginable the bow purses and pastel coloured handbags were beautiful!

The store Loveless contained a mix of both men
s and womens brands all styled to perfection. I can't really compare Loveless to a
nything I've seen before in the UK but it reminded me of Fred Segal in Los Angeles, the same sort of store layout and type of brands being stocked, with an emphasis on music taste.

Right at the end of the street became smaller more independent, boutique like stores including an amazing one called W Closet (highly recommend this) the store is covered with plants and flowers with a very rustic vintage feel that put me straight at home. As well as having totally Japanese inspired clothing with bows, baggy sweat
s, striped tops and of course ballet like tutus, falling in love with the cream one I had to buy it.

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