Thursday, September 10, 2009

Beauty and the Beast

Going into my final year of university I have decided to enter into the Loreal Brandstorm competition with my two friends, for our final project. This has forced my attention onto the beauty spreads in magazines which before I used to skim over and think nothing much to them apart from page fillers. Anna Wolf is one of my much loved photographers, this photoshoot shows to me that beauty can be much more than just a pretty face but there's alot of emphasis upon styling and fashion. The simple burnt sun coloured hair pins add to the image making it to me a piece of fashion photography. The sharp yet unfocused technique makes the model seem mysterious and like something from a fairy tale. I can almost imagine what clothes she is wearing. The image allows to make your own perceptions of her dress. I imagine her to be in a light demin washed blue floaty dress with bare feet and no jewelry. Seeing this photoshoot makes me excited to start exploring the hair and beauty industry in more depth!!

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